Our mission

Our mission is to provide patients with the latest science-based medical information, integrating the best of medical practice and pharmaceutical industry

We hope to be helpful to patients so that they can be effectively prepared and fully engaged in the therapeutic process.

Dr. Maria Trifonova


„We have the right to be healthy, to live happily, full of energy and optimism.“


Therefore, engaged by this thought, I decided to rely on my medical expertise, scientific knowledge, experience, established contacts, and successes in working with people. After graduating from Medicine at Medical Academy, Sofia, I have worked as a clinician and an academic assistant in the Department of Pharmacology. I have specialized in Pharmacology and Toxicology at Saint Mary’s Hospital in London. I have devoted over 20 years to the pharmaceutical industry, having held both in Bulgaria, as well as abroad, leadership positions in leading global pharmaceutical companies.

What does the contemporary patient need: a credible and reliable source of medical expertise, provided understandably and objectively, early, and timely diagnosis, prescription and adherence to the most suitable and most efficient therapy, and last but not least – care, warmth, and empathy. I say this with absolute confidence on behalf of one who has experienced all the distress and agonies of the patient and has come to believe in the role and importance of good medical and scientific awareness.

„To add more health to the years of life.“

My name is Ivan Tomov. I am a medical doctor and specialist in Internal Medicine and Health Management. Over the past 25 years, I have worked in various multinational pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria and abroad.

During all these years, I had the opportunity and luck to meet many patients with rare and oncological diseases and their relatives. Each story was different and unique, but one thing was in common – the need for information about new therapies and lifestyle recommendations for living with a particular disease – diets, physical activity, help, or mutual aid to accompany the lives of patients with a chronic disease.

That is the reason why, together with my long-time colleague, mentor, and friend – Dr. Maria Trifonova, we created the medical information portal for patients Diagnosa.info

Dr. Ivan Tomov


Gergana Ninova


My name is Gergana Ninova, and I am a 6th year medical student at Medical University – Sofia. Medicine is a rapidly evolving science, and the best diagnostic decisions are made thanks to the availability of increasingly up-to-date and evidence-based information. Health is the most valuable resource, and taking care of it is a two-way process of effective communication between the doctor and the patient.

In recent years I have worked as a medical and healthcare content writer which allowed me to better understand the patient’s needs as a reader who, in order to be an active participant in the therapeutic process, must be fully informed. I believe that providing accessible and reliable information, which reflects all the innovations in the progress of medicine, will be crucial for a more effective therapeutic process, complete preservation of health, and quality of life improvement.

„Omnium artium medicina nobilissima est.“ – „Medicine is the noblest art.“

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